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Established in Tokyo, Japan in 1976, MICRON Corporation has been striving to provide great products and achieve the best quality to improve the health and well-being of people all over the world. Take a tour of our innovative measuring devices here in our online store. For our handpieces, visit www.micdent.com.

Calibration Service / One Year Warranty

■ Calibration Service

We provide calibration services for our frequency / revolution measuring devices at our plant. After the service, we will issue a calibration certificate upon request. We recommend that our frequency / revolution measuring devices are calibrated at least once a year to ensure proper functionality and continued accuracy. Please contact us for more details or pricing. 

■ One Year Warranty

All our products have a one year warranty.  

About Us

Mitsutoshi Hachino


■ Global Japanese Innovator

Established in Tokyo, Japan in 1976, Micron is known world wide in the dental industry for being meticulously detailed and transparent about business. We have full autonomy and involvement from R&D > Production > Sale of product > After-sales / Quality, all done in Japan. Micron’s innovations will always reflect our commitment to medical science and the betterment of society.

■ Industry first technology

Micron’s patented air-driven sonic vibration system and/or Aerodynamics have been utilized in all our products (air scalers, endodontic devices, air polishers, and three-way syringes). 

– The revolutionary Micron SSS, is the first air scaler in the world with a 17,000Hz high frequency, creating comfort beyond audible range.

■ Safety and reliability

Micron prides itself on providing the highest quality products. We always take into consideration clinical benefits to users and patients. ISO13485 certification (since 2005) officially and legally validates our workmanship.



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